What Should the Philadelphia Flyers Do In Goal?

Following an 8-5 loss on home ice to lose their first-round playoff series against the reigning back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, one thing about the Philadelphia Flyers became glaringly apparent: their goaltending situation is uncertain, and ultimately, unsolved. For years, now, the Flyers have yet to find a steady goalie tandem, and following a 6-game series of blowout after blowout, they have some work to do in the offseason if they want to fix their problems in goal.

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Podcast: Puck SKLS EP2: With Apologies to Petr Mrazek

In Episode 2 of Puck SKLS: Selty, Kok and Lammers on Sundays, we tackle some hot-button topics! Listen to our thoughts on a couple of games we’ve been to recently, Brian Gionta kicking these young’uns into shape for the USA in Pyeongchang, and why Tom Brady is a failed QB. (Fly Eagles Fly!) Also, we rip the Detroit Red Wings roster to shreds and talk about who we think will be traded where (cough cough Carey Price)…We end with some jersey number trivia, with numbers 1-50! Enjoy!