Sharks Shouldn’t Worry About Martin Jones

Following a statistically shaky regular season and another premature playoff exit against the Vegas Golden Knights in the second round, San Jose Sharks goalie Martin Jones has become a question mark in net for many fans and analysts around the league. After being pulled twice in San Jose’s series against Vegas and having a string of poor outings for the Sharks, it wouldn’t be completely unfair to wonder if Jones isn’t the longterm solution in goal for Peter DeBoer’s squad. However, I believe that despite all the reasons to doubt him, the Sharks have nothing to worry about in goal.

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Break-Down: Deep vs. Aggressive

It is nothing short of typical for today’s goaltenders, NHL or otherwise, to play a moderate, reliable style, being aggressive when needed and conservative when needed— come out of the blue paint on breakaways and straddle the top of the crease under zone pressure. It makes sense then, that when Henrik Lundqvist spends an entire game near his goal line, or Jonathan Quick acts like a third defenseman, that it makes us wonder how they enjoy the success they do. Here, I break down the pros and cons and give tips on both deep and aggressive play.

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Ben Bishop A Risky Solution for Stars

This year’s expansion draft forced the hands of more than a few General Managers, prompting them to make a move and shake up their depth in the crease. Rumors of Ben Bishop being one of the goalies moved had been discussed for some time, and at the trade deadline, Bishop found himself with the Los Angeles Kings. After a short stint in LA, Bishop was flipped to the Dallas Stars, who finally seized their opportunity for procuring a solid starting goalie. However, the Stars took on some risk signing Bishop, as he is not certain to be stable for long— at least not entirely.

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