Podcast: Puck SKLS EP8: I Don’t Care About Athlete’s Feet

Episode 8 of Puck SKLS! We review the NFL draft, and one of us gives the Bills an A+ draft grade. Would Josh Rosen draft Josh Rosen? We’ll tell you! We touch on the NHL draft lottery and the Sabres finally getting the first overall pick, as well as what Frenchmen the Habs can choose from. We talk the second round of the playoffs and Nashville’s subpar party in the plaza. Hear our thoughts on JR’s stunts in Vegas on NBCSN and why he always seems to be off the clock for their games. We debate if Kanye West is OUT or not, and which NHL player is the most OUT. We wrap up the episode with some heated Buffalo sports trivia, where only one of Kok and Lammers prevails. Enjoy!

Podcast: Puck SKLS EP6: There’s Some Units In the NHL

Episode 6 of Puck SKLS is here just in time for the playoffs! Except we’re a week late! We touch on how NBCSN sucks at covering hockey and all the dumb stuff they do. We talk old bags like the Bruins anthem singer and Ken Hitchcock, and discuss which NHL Head Coach is the biggest “unit.” Stick around for more Habs hate, and alternate universes where the Buffalo Sabres are good. We compare the NBA and the NHL, and talk about players who play Fortnite and give them some tips to get that elusive Victory Royale. Kok shoots his shot at the cute girl behind the Caps bench, and we wrap up with a playoff bracket for trivia! Soak it in and enjoy!

Podcast: Puck SKLS EP5: No Dweebs, No Dorks, No Nothin’

After a brief hiatus, we’re finally back on the attack with Episode 5 of Puck SKLS! Listen to an update of hockey news from the past month, a heartfelt discussion about the two girls with no cup retiring (the Sedins), how John Tavares makes everyone better, and Garth Snow does the opposite. Marc Bergevin, too. We talk weird hockey posters we had as a kid, how we enjoy reading the first paragraph of an Athletic article, and Eric Staal’s head size. Also, we cover NFL free agency and how Tom Brady likes a nice, tight end. We preview the best playoff series of this year, hockey field trips we want to go on, and wrap up the show with a Buffalo Sabres tank bracket for trivia. Enjoy!

Podcast: Puck SKLS EP2: With Apologies to Petr Mrazek

In Episode 2 of Puck SKLS: Selty, Kok and Lammers on Sundays, we tackle some hot-button topics! Listen to our thoughts on a couple of games we’ve been to recently, Brian Gionta kicking these young’uns into shape for the USA in Pyeongchang, and why Tom Brady is a failed QB. (Fly Eagles Fly!) Also, we rip the Detroit Red Wings roster to shreds and talk about who we think will be traded where (cough cough Carey Price)…We end with some jersey number trivia, with numbers 1-50! Enjoy!

Are the Buffalo Sabres Really This Bad?

For more than a few years now, the Buffalo Sabres have been bad. Not just missing the playoffs by a few points and not performing to their full potential bad, but consistently bottoming out and getting a top-10 pick bad. This past off-season, they shook up the back office and their roster alike, and had hoped to be a playoff contender at this point in the season. The exact opposite has happened, and they now find themselves at the bottom of the league. With things being as poor as they are, are the Buffalo Sabres really this bad?

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Podcast: Puck SKLS EP1: Eichel>Matthews>McDavid

Welcome to the premiere episode of Puck SKLS: Selty, Kok and Lammers on Sundays! Listen to this Buffalo-centric episode with thoughts on Jack Eichel and his superiority over the flimsy Connor McDavid, the NHL All-Star game, the Buffalo Bills, and more! Plus, a breakdown of the entire Vancouver Canucks roster— gross! Also, impressions of all your favorite hockey icons like Doc Emrick, Jeremy Roenick and legendary Sabres GM Tim Murray! An episode filled with hot takes and controversy, all wrapped up with some Buffalo sports trivia! Enjoy Puck SKLS!

Spotlight: Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen

For those not familiar with the this tongue-twister named goaltender, Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen is an 18-year old from Espoo, Finland, taken 54th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2nd round of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. His 6’4″ stature and performance in recent years on the international stage in the World Junior Championships (WJC) has ushered him into prominence among scouts, leading to his early selection by the Sabres this year. But just what kind of goalie is Luukkonen, and what can we expect to see from him in the near future?

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3 Goalies To Boom, 3 To Bust in 2017-18

Many NHL teams addressed the goaltending position this offseason, as was expected with the expansion draft complicating their respective situations. Some squads made predictable moves while others left us scratching our heads. Some teams decided to stay put and ride on their goalies from last season. Here are 3 goalies I think are going to “boom” in the 2017-18 season and 3 that I think are going to “bust.”

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