What is SeltyStats?

SeltyStats is a comprehensive collection of analytical hockey measures and statistics for the use of the “goalie-first” statistician.

The statistics include a detail shot chart with period-by-period scoring summary, turnovers at the offensive and defensive blue lines, general shots and shot assists, face-off success rates in the offensive and defensive zone, a shot placement chart for the goaltender that maps their holes and save percentage, and the Seltenrich Statistic, a measure of defensive zone breakout success derivative of the goaltender’s save selection.

The aim of SeltyStats is to structure a team defensively and provide analytics proving that a “goalie-out” style of coaching and subsequent play is the formula for any team to compete at its highest level.

Why use SeltyStats?

SeltyStats aims to bring advanced analytics to the forefront of hockey and make them available for every statistician in the game. Hockey is a changing game, and is gravitating toward younger, more creative minds to find ways to improve on-ice performance.

SeltyStats provides every statistician and analyst with the tools necessary to track both major and minor statistical categories during the course of a game. The statistics in the program have been strategically selected to be included because they offer insight to how the ice is tilted, in every regard.

SeltyStats is designed to aid coaches, managers, and players alike to improve upon every facet of the game. For coaches, it can help them make informed adjustments in between periods. For managers, it can help them make decisions on certain players and special teams, etc. For players, it can show them what they need to work on and how they can take their game to the next level.

How to use SeltyStats

SeltyStats, as a collection of statistics, is to be recorded during the course of a game and reviewed at the conclusion of each period and of each game. A period-by-period summary is tallied to reveal how each team is performing, and what can be done to improve for the next period.

To properly use SeltyStats, record each live statistic at the time of their occurrence. SeltyStats is designed to be recorded by one person, but different categories can be assigned to more people if needed. Record each statistic and tally up the totals at the end of each period, adding to it as the game goes on.

At the end of the game, save all the statistics for reference.

Get started using SeltyStats

SeltyStats is a collection of statistics meant to be recorded altogether, to ensure the most accuracy.

To use SeltyStats, make a copy of the attachment below. You will need a copy of each page for each period. During a game, keep tallies by player number for Turnovers, Shots & Shot Assists, Faceoffs, and Body Checking. Mark up the Hockey Shot Chart, Shot Placement Chart, and the Seltenrich Statistic table.

At the end of each period, add up the tallies and numbers and review the statistics. To learn more about the Seltenrich Statistic, click on the attachment for it below.

Program materials to download