What is SeltyScouting?

SeltyScouting is a goalie-specific scouting method, designed to give any scout at any level the tools necessary to most accurately and most appropriately grade a goaltender’s potential.

Each goaltender scouted with the SeltyScouting method will receive grades. A goaltender’s seven shooting holes will be graded individually with save percentage and save selection tendencies on a detail shot placement chart. In addition, a goaltender will also be graded on a 1-5 scale of several key categories.

SeltyScouting is intended to provide scouts with a deeper and more understandable image of the goaltender they are interested in. SeltyScouting provides a new way of grading goalies on the more advanced parts of their game.

Why use SeltyScouting?

Goalies all over the country of all ages and skill levels, are too often misjudged or dismissed based on improper scouting methods. SeltyScouting aims to make sure this doesn’t happen.

SeltyScouting allows scouts, coaches, statisticians and analysts alike to scout goalies more properly and more thoroughly than ever before. This new scouting method applies directly to goalies and measures the effectiveness of their individual playstyle.

SeltyScouting is designed to be the most effective tool in measuring the skill level of a goalie in all game situations. Additionally, it is designed to be the most accurate and foolproof method of scouting available for goaltenders.

How to use SeltyScouting

SeltyScouting is meant to serve as a goalie-specific scouting mechanism. It can be used for single-game or multi-game purposes and is most effective when following one goaltender over the course of a large sample size of games.

SeltyScouting should be used in its entirety to yield the most accurate results. During a game, measure the goalie’s saves and goals allowed in each of the holes on the detail shot placement chart. Calculate the save percentage for each of the holes. Then, on a 1-5 scale, grade each listed category of the goalie’s play and grade them.

Review each percentage and grade and assign an overall scouting grade, A-F, of the goaltender.

Get started using SeltyScouting

SeltyScouting is a collection of various grading scales that measure the strengths and weaknesses of a goalie.

To use SeltyScouting, make a copy of the attachment below. During a practice, scrimmage, or a game, watch the goalie you want to scout and use dots on the Detail Shot Placement Chart to indicate where saves were made, and where goals went in. Tally the save percentage for each hole. Circle the number on the Grading Scale measuring from 1-5 every major skill category for the goalie being scouted.

At the end of the scouting session, use the Overall Scouting Grade to add up the total of the Grading Scale results and grade the goalie from A-F.

Program materials to download