The Seltytending Programs

I created and designed the Seltytending Programs to revamp goaltender-scouting mechanisms and advanced statistics and analytics. My programs provide goalies, hockey players and hockey minds with the resources and tools necessary to more accurately represent goalies in the game of hockey.

I tailored both SeltyScouting and SeltyStats to accurately convey the skill of a goalie and of a team based on defensive and goalie related measures. Click on the pages below to jump into each program, learn, and get started.


A goalie-specific scouting method, designed to give any scout at any level the tools necessary to grade a goalie’s potential. Form an overall scouting grade for a goalie, spread across any sample size of games.


A comprehensive collection of analytical hockey measures and statistics for the use of the “goalie-first” statistician, including use of the new Seltenrich Statistic. Record during a game and save statistics for reference.