Podcast: Puck SKLS EP9: Sometimes You Get Sewered, You Just Want Some Timmy’s

The first summer cast EP of Puck SKLS is here! Selty, Kok and Lammers catch up on hockey and life, and dive right into the tough content. We talk the Cup Final, Ovi bringing Darty SZN to Moscow, Vegas predictions, the end of #TavaresWatch, how Donald Trump generally enjoys good vibes, trades that have us shook, and how Selty slept through Mike Hoffman’s entire tenure as a Shark. We highlight Marc Bergevin’s recent flares of genius, and debate which team is better: the Phoenix Coyotes or the Arizona Coyotes. Stick around for our draft recap, the Hall of Fame inductee Gary Bettman, Kok’s grievances with Chipotle, Mr. Incredible’s chicken legs, and how Nail Yakupov turned out well, pause…NOT! Enjoy this jam-packed EP, baby!

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