Podcast: Puck SKLS EP18: All Those Eichel Haters Out There, I Just Need You To S-T-F-U


Episode 18 of Puck SKLS! The boys meet great football player and even better person Lorenzo Alexander of the Bills as he gives a talk, we review the Buffalo Bills game, Jon Gruden says “F*** You” to Raiders fans, we get in touch with our boy Jalen Ramsey, and we talk the best and worst NFL jerseys. Stick around for hockey talk as the boys discuss the still over .500 Buffalo Sabres, the lowly Red Wings, the washed-up LA Kings, and how winning the lottery is more likely than the Leafs re-signing William Nylander. We wrap up with some nostalgic hockey talk about which players we’ll remember in 20 years, comparing today’s young stars to the all-time greats, and some college hockey talk! Enjoy!

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