Podcast: Puck SKLS EP17: My Life Is Just Watching Other People Play Sports


Join Selty, Kok and Lammers for Episode 17 of Puck SKLS! The boys recap the first “One Buffalo Win Weekend” in a while, including the first .500 Sabres squad in almost 5 years! We talk Weeks 4 and 5 for the Bills, roughing the passer, and how with good logic, the Bills technically won the Super Bowl last year. Drew Brees is the G.O.A.T as well as a man of God, Antonio Brown throws furniture at babies, and it’s October, which means hockey season! We dive into some TML talk surrounding Marner, Nylander, and Mar-LEAU, and deduce that the Vancouver Canucks are anti-Fortnite. Rick Nash half-retires, Kanye West’s ‘Yandhi’ is a red herring, Drake is soft and “fard” at the same time, and “Bills Boomers” become America’s newest generation. Stick around for NHL team Captains trivia! Enjoy!

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