Podcast: Puck SKLS EP14: Lil Wayne Is Like Brett Favre


Puck SKLS EP14! Disclaimer: this episode was recorded a week ago, so some of the sports talk is outdated, but the banter is not. We discuss the Bills disastrous season opener, and predict the rest of their season. We keep it Buffalo and discuss Rasmus Ristolainen’s fashion sense and his “type.” The Browns end their losing streak in true Cleveland fashion, George McPhee hands the “C” to 23 guys, and participation trophies are handed out. Stick around to hear about Twitter burner accounts, beefing in the rap game, the perks of buying ugly jerseys, and Lammers getting fake news’d. Lammers hits a monumental milestone, engages in mutual snakeage with Wegman’s, and Kok makes a shrewd, near unforgivable comment on air (but is forgiven). Listen and enjoy!

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