Podcast: Puck SKLS EP10: Jimmy Vesey, How’s It Feel Now B*tch?


The boys are now 10 Bands deep into this renowned podcast! Selty, Kok and Lammers dissect Kok’s grievances with the NHL website, which seems to have lost the Pittsburgh Penguins somewhere in the Twilight Zone. We talk people abusing Free Slurpee Day for social media clout, Patrick Sharp retiring to focus on his side hustle Mrs. Keith, Fortnite clickbait, and how devastating it is when one of the boys turns down gunning a beer for a vodka sprite. Lammers defends his reputation as a future expansion GM, China honors trade agreements and changes Eichel jersey numbers, and Marc Bergevin gets tossed. And after much foreshadowing, the boys run through detailed offseason power rankings, 31-16! Enjoy!

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