Puck SKLS EP34: Ten-Mil a Year…That’s A Lot of Guacamole

Puck SKLS Episode 34! The boys are back in the dirty Buff, and it’s time to catch up on life (and the podcast). Join us for an extensive recap of the 2019 NHL Draft and the July 1st Free Agency Frenzy! We talk the biggest losers and the biggest winners as of late, defensemen around the league getting the Risto treatment, and that one time Lammers high-fived “Tall Boy” Tyler Myers. The “Laval Rocket” himself, Marc Bergevin, flexes his muscles at Aho and the ‘Canes, and Kachina Kessel heads to the desert with Chucky and POJ coming the other way. Stick around for a little Sabres talk. Presented by Pure Hockey.

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