Podcast: Puck SKLS EP6: There’s Some Units In the NHL

Episode 6 of Puck SKLS is here just in time for the playoffs! Except we’re a week late! We touch on how NBCSN sucks at covering hockey and all the dumb stuff they do. We talk old bags like the Bruins anthem singer and Ken Hitchcock, and discuss which NHL Head Coach is the biggest “unit.” Stick around for more Habs hate, and alternate universes where the Buffalo Sabres are good. We compare the NBA and the NHL, and talk about players who play Fortnite and give them some tips to get that elusive Victory Royale. Kok shoots his shot at the cute girl behind the Caps bench, and we wrap up with a playoff bracket for trivia! Soak it in and enjoy!

Podcast: Puck SKLS EP5: No Dweebs, No Dorks, No Nothin’

After a brief hiatus, we’re finally back on the attack with Episode 5 of Puck SKLS! Listen to an update of hockey news from the past month, a heartfelt discussion about the two girls with no cup retiring (the Sedins), how John Tavares makes everyone better, and Garth Snow does the opposite. Marc Bergevin, too. We talk weird hockey posters we had as a kid, how we enjoy reading the first paragraph of an Athletic article, and Eric Staal’s head size. Also, we cover NFL free agency and how Tom Brady likes a nice, tight end. We preview the best playoff series of this year, hockey field trips we want to go on, and wrap up the show with a Buffalo Sabres tank bracket for trivia. Enjoy!

Capitals Making Mistake In Starting Grubauer Over Holtby

On Tuesday, Washington Capitals Head Coach Barry Trotz informed the media of his decision to go with goalie Philipp Grubauer over Braden Holtby for Game 1 of the playoffs against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Trotz said that he is comfortable with his decision for Thursday night’s game, but will evaluate it “game by game” after that. If history proves anything, this is a bad way to approach your goaltending situation going into the playoffs. Although Grubauer is fully capable of performing and winning games, this is still a mistake on the part of the Capitals’ coaching staff.

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Frederik Andersen Still An Underrated Goalie

Frederik Andersen is currently playing in his second season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and despite his obvious success and stellar play, has still managed to fly under the radar of many in the hockey community. For all he has done in Toronto and beforehand with the Anaheim Ducks, Andersen might very well be the most underrated goaltender in the NHL. Here’s a look into his recent breakthrough as one of the league’s best.

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NHL Global Series A Poor Excuse For Growing the Game

A number of weeks ago, the National Hockey League announced it would be hosting the 2018 NHL Global Series, sending a number of NHL clubs overseas to various countries in Europe to hold their training camps and play a series of regular-season games against each other, repeating what they did this past season when they held games in Stockholm, Sweden. The league will also be sending teams back to China for another round of the NHL China Games, just as they did a year ago. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and other league officials claim that the goal of these trips is to grow the game, but the details suggest anything but.

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Podcast: Puck SKLS EP4: Who, Jonathan Mar-cheezo?

In the 4th installment of Puck SKLS: Selty, Kok and Lammers on Sundays, we pay homage to Tyrod Taylor and not so much to Rex Ryan. On the hockey front, we discuss “Miracle,” whether the KHL is fixed and Patrik Laine’s gross beard. The Migos start a new beef with Doc Emrick, and we talk how Quavo’s chains have chains. Did you know Lebron James eats scrambled eggs for breakfast? Also, we touch on how Kok isn’t a huge bobble guy-head, except when it comes to a shirtless Joe Thornton. Listen to us drool over Carrie Underwood, talk Canisius College Golden Griffins hockey and wrap up the episode with some trivia! Enjoy our voices!

California Youth Hockey Is A Step In The Wrong Direction

The state of California is not known for hockey. Of course, there are 3 NHL teams in the state, all with their own AHL affiliates, and hockey is undoubtedly growing, but it has a small, albeit passionate, following. Youth hockey has existed here for decades now, and to try and gain national recognition, youth hockey associations have taken it upon themselves to improve their competitiveness. In doing so, they are hurting the sport and ruining the experience for thousands of players.

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Podcast: Puck SKLS EP3: If It Sounds Like I’m Pissed, I’m Not, Even Though I Am

Welcome to Episode 3 of Puck SKLS! Listen as we talk Olympics, Slovenia’s acreage and the OAR (not the band!) Jeremy Roenick runs through the DMZ and does the Gangnam Style dance while Pierre McGuire makes some questionable comments. In an episode once again filled with hot takes and the elusive “mild take,” we talk who’s the best goalie of all-time, why Zac Rinaldo makes Arizona the worst team ever, and all about this “big” trade deadline! Plus jersey trivia 51-99! Bottoms up!

Carey Price Needs to be Moved Now

The likes of players such as Carey Price are never seriously considered viable trade bait come the yearly NHL trade deadline, or at any other time of the year for that matter. However, the longtime Montreal Canadiens goaltender and stalwart as one of the world’s best could make a difference and be the final piece for a cup contender. And given the current situation in Montreal, it might be best for both the Habs and himself if he were moved now.

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Spotlight: Jett Alexander

Jett Alexander is the starting goalie for the North York Rangers of the Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL), the largest Jr. A league in Canada, governed by the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) and the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL). He is considered one of the best goaltenders in the OJHL, and in just his second year with the Rangers, has risen to the forefront of the prospect pool for this year’s NHL Draft.

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