Technology’s Role In Combating CTE In Hockey

Hockey is one of the many sports in which safety has become of the utmost concern in recent years. One of the most prevalent safety concerns remains concussions and other various head injuries, which result in devastating consequences such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), and have even been linked to early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Most of the big equipment companies have spent time and money partnering with affected players in researching new technology and equipment that can prevent injuries and improve player safety. A major innovation in safety technology could come in the form of improved helmets, which, after all, protects the most important part of any player’s body.

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The Ethics of Automation In Sport

Sports are constantly being pushed forward and changed because of innovation in technology. Whether it is new equipment or statistic-tracking machines, new technology has the ability to dictate the play in-game, and is affecting the way fans experience sports in general. An example of this type of technology is currently being used by the company Pitchf/x, who “automate” the strike zone in baseball by using three cameras behind home plate.1 They use the cameras to track every pitch as accurately as possible to make the correct call on every play.2 This is not the only technology of its kind, as other gadgets for reviewing and officiating purposes are used in the NFL, NHL and more today.

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Does the NFL Have A Duty of Care to Allow Players to Use Alternative Medicine in Treatment of CTE?

The NFL claims that “[their] top priority is the health and safety of [their] players.”The league made this statement to CBS Sports when talking about the possibilities of alternative medicine, namely the chemical CBD derived from marijuana, being allowed under league rules.2 While seemingly open to testing new medicines and treatment methods, the NFL has yet to make any significant strides in improving.

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Are Sports Worth the Concussion Risks for Kids?

Concussions and the consequences that follow have only come to light in the sports world relatively recently. The NFL, NHL and other major leagues for contact sports have been under fire with lawsuits from former players and their families, as well as player unions. The lawsuits condemn the negligent standard of care the leagues have for their players, an example being the NFL’s improper handling of on-field concussions and the brain trauma that results.1 Former players and their families believe this is the cause of many problems that players have after they retire.

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